Effortlessly Track and Manage Expenses.

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to track and categorize your spending, giving you a clear picture of your financials.

Why to use Expense.fyi?

  • Easy to use: Track expenses on-the-go with categorization and logging.
  • Data-driven insights: Expense tracker can provide valuable insights into your spending habits, allowing you to make more informed decisions.
  • Identify overspending: Take control of your finances by identifying and reducing overspending with an expense tracker.
  • Real-time visibility: Monitor your expenses in real-time, whether you are at home or on-the-go, with a user-friendly interface

Simple yet, Powerful Features.

Use your email to securely log in to the application; no password is required.

Your private data, such as name, price, and notes, etc., is securely encrypted in the database.

You can understand your spending habits by viewing detailed reports on the overview page. 

Easily track subscriptions; no need to remember renewal dates or maintain a messy spreadsheet.

Access from multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops, makes it easy to track expenses on-the-go from any device.

Export your data in the CSV file format, which is widely supported.

Our Pricing Plans

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Trend visualisation with chartsAdd up to 100 entries per accountTrack subscription billing datesChoose preferred currency displayEmail support available
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Access to all premium features.

$ 20 / year

Everything in Basic planAdd up to 2000 entries per accountAdvanced trend visualisationExport data as CSVPriority support with quick reply
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Proudly Open Sourced!

Source code is available on GitHub - feel free to read, review, or contribute to it!

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